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Who Does The Avocado Really Sound Like?

“Watch the adventures of the Corazons

and their friends, The Hand and Bacon Wrapped Avocado”

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The Latest From Flopville

You might have noticed, Laurel is working on our webpage. What you can’t see is what everyone else is doing:

  • Jose is perfecting our first 3D 360 shorts.
  • Meescha is learning new object creation techniques and developing a signature style for Flopsville.
  • Giovanni is creating the app that will let us enjoy Flopsville in an interactive, multi-viewer mode.

We CAN’T WAIT to share it all with you, but since we DO have to wait, enjoy the 2D shorts above!


Meet The Cast

Who’s Who in Flopsville

Arturo Corazon

Reanimated Heart

Arturo Corazon used to be a research scientist working in the highly competitive field of organism reanimation. He partially succeeded. Now he and his wife, Val, are taking bit parts in movies and helping their friends.

Val Corazon

Reanimated Heart

In her former existence Val was a medical doctor who worked with her husband, Arturo, researching reanimation as a way to extend people’s lives. She also used to enjoy gardening. Now she helps keep all the reanimated friends as healthy as possible, in between movie roles, of course.


Reanimated Bacon Wrapped Avocado

Also known as”The Avocado” or “Bacon Wrapped Avocado” When the mummy who runs Flopsville's most popular diner couldn't convince his wife to let him create a mummy child, he used his magic to create The Avocado instead. Bwa-ha-ha has only been around for a week, but he's learning a lot and feels ready to search of his missing half.

The Hand

Reanimated Burnt, Severed Hand

The Hand's background is unknown to the Corazons, but he's friendly and can actually pick things up, which is...um...handy. He's also terrified of flames, for obvious reasons.

Meet The Team

Making Stories About Lovable Monsters and Misfits

Jose Mojica

Founder, Director, Creative Lead

Jose has an offbeat creativity that blends his love of horror and comedy. He's been telling stories in various forms for decades. He is also a technophile. Once he thought of making VR movies an interactive, shared experience, he couldn't wait to figure out how to make it happen. You may recognize versions of his voice in Arturo and Bwa-ha-ha.

Laurel Mojica

Founder, Producer, CEO

Laurel focuses on the practical side of Flopsville, though she is also the voice of Val. Also a technophile, Laurel has fallen in love with watching reanimated body parts on her VR headset...also with playing VR mini-golf.


Meescha Dare

Artist, Production Designer

Meescha has been working with the team since 2015 when The Hand thought he'd be the star of a web series. Back then, she helped create his comic book. Now she's creating a whole world for him and his friends.

Giovanni Minus

Application Designer

Giovanni is the newest member of the team, but his knowledge of Game Design is exactly what we need to make our VR movies both interactive and multi-viewer. He also brings experience in organizing and communicating all the complex details our geographically diverse team needs to share.

Behind The Scenes

Get to know the Mojicas

The Flippity Flops channel on iFilmFlops

Here we talk about our motion capture process:  our studio setup(s), the gear we’ve used, tips and tricks that have helped.

Most of these videos are filmed in 3D 180 VR, so you can move the phone to see more of the picture (or swipe with your finger to move the scene).

If you’ve got a VR headset with a YouTube app, it’s even more fun to watch through that—like visiting our studio in person!

A few of the videos are 2D, normal, flat, whatever you want to call them.

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